Watercolor Monsters!

I love monster artworks and so this year I tried to make a new type of monster artwork. I created a few videos to aid my students in the creation process they are attached here:

How to Create a Watercolor Monster Part 1

Day one: This is the fun splatter part. I tried this part several different ways but because my room is so small I found stations were the easiest. My tables are already divided by color and so I put the red paint at the red table and so on. The students took their paper a straw and went to the table they wanted to use on their monster. If it was to crowded then they created a line and had to wait. Warning: Blue and Purple were always packed!

This is a 2 day lesson unless you have a way for students to dry their watercolors. We did try the hand dryers in the bathroom a few times but the mess it made was not worth it. It was better to read the books below and watch the YouTube videos I had created to fill time and inspire ideas while we waited.

How to Create a Watercolor Monster Part 2

Day two: The students reviewed day one activities and what was expected in day two. We discussed different types of faces and scenery for around your monster. Students then used a sharpie and began to out line their monster first. Then they added their details and finally their environment or background. I encouraged students to find unique character traits for their monsters. If she had only one foot then you gave her a really cool shoe or he looked like he was dancing then put him on a stage.

Day three: Optional- I had students write a letter either to or from their monster. The more creative the better. Depending on their age the length of the letter would vary. 1st grade wrote a letter together to practice. 2nd grade wrote a letter together but then they were allowed to change things in the letter if they wanted. 3rd and up worked on their own and I supervised their writing.

Stop Motion Video with a Watercolor Monster




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