Lions Peace Poster Contest

Students were tasked with creating a poster that illustrated Peace in the future. I allowed the students to use any supplies as look as they were not taped on or 3D.  If you turned in an artwork with tape or 3D pieces to it then they would disqualify it.

The students were to research peace and what they thought it would look like in the future. They input their ideas into a google doc and then began to brainstorm their final product. I aided the students in this but I also let them work through their ideas to find one they were happy with. We then discussed how to choose supplies for a project. We discussed the pros and cons of different supplies and everyone began to lay out their final. After that the students worked independently. If they were wanting to spray paint or take photos for their project then they signed up for specific days.

This was the first time I had students create a project for a competition like this and the students really pushed the envelop. Their artworks were original, inspiring and full of love.

Link to the Contest


The above photo is of the artwork we submitted. The student took a photo of their hand shaking another students hand. She used watercolor colored pencils to create the rainbow stripes in the hands. She then traced the photo of the hands on to card stock. The image was cut out and spray painted on top of the colors. Tiffany you did a Great Job!

Here is a quick essay she wrote to submit with her artwork:

When I think of peace I think of being friends, caring for each other, and having hope for each other. If you have all of these feelings to one another you will have peace between each other. If everyone shares these feelings between each other the whole world will be peaceful. When the whole world is peaceful this means that there will not be any more wars, disagreements, and arguments.
In the future I see peace because people are coming together more and more each day, becoming friends. This could be over social media or face to face. I know that there can be peace because when two people become friend they go back to their previous friends and talk to them about their new friend and then they all become friends. Eventually everybody will be friends with each other. Being a true friend with someone means that there is peace between you and you will help each other through tough times.

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