Create your own board game during Genius Hour

Step 1: Have students take a survey. The survey will be used to help students who are not sure what type of board game they would like to make and to ensure you know who may need extra help during the creation process. For example if a student does not play board games on a regular basis then they may need some extra information.

Step 2: Have students choose their favorite hobby or interest.

Step 3: Students choose a board game layout.

Step 4: Students begin to research their hobby or interest for illustrations and ideas they can add to their board game. Students may print out ideas, sketch images and/or take notes on ideas for their game.

Step 5: Students will design a cover art or logo for their board game.

Step 6: Students will design final board game.

The following are board game examples I found on Google. These are just examples for layouts to give students a starting place.

Board game lesson plan with Kindergarten Standards

Rubric from Teachers Pay Teachers

The rubric was made by Emily Glass and is on her teachers pay teachers for $2.50.

This rubric was found in google and has served me well over the years. Students are easily able to color in the sections they believe they completed and discuss the items later on.

Image result for board game template  Image result for board game template

Image result for board game template



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