Torn paper penguins

Students were walked through the process step by step. We prepped all of our pieces and then assembled the picture with our own personal flare. Students were allowed to make their penguin sit, stand or jumping into the water. They were required to have at least one penguin with 3 clouds and 2 iceburgs.


Students used small pieces of cardboard to dip into black paint and create straight lines. They were to make horizontal and vertical lines that overlapped and ran into each other. This was to create different size squares and rectangles. This took two classes. We first did the black paint and allowed it to dry, the … More Mondrian

Watercolor Prints

This was created by my 3rd grade students and it took two classes. The watercolor was created first so that it dried before we needed to print. Then the students created a drawing of a basic building landscape. They needed to make sure their windows and doors where not to close to other lines or … More Watercolor Prints

Textured Giraffes

Students traced a large giraffe stencil onto creme or orange paper. They were then able to add the giraffe details using colored pencil. After wards they added felt spots and yarn hair so that they could add different textures. The final piece was the leaves. The students had a blast and the giraffes turned out … More Textured Giraffes

Watercolor Topography

Students watched a YouTube video by PeterDraws on how to fix artists block. The video explains how to draw an image that resembles topography. I decided to extend the project and do the drawing on watercolor paper, then the students were to apply warm colors. This was a one day lesson and was a great … More Watercolor Topography

Texture Monsters

Students were read the book Don’t touch the button and Don’t touch this book, which featured a monster named larry and showed several different facial features. I had half of my 1st grade classes create a monster from painted paper and the other half from felt. The facial features were all made from paper and then added at … More Texture Monsters