Rainbow and Color Mixing Lesson

I made the decision to teach my Preschool and Kindergarten Students how to mix colors, create a rainbow and a color wheel. This was extremely difficult but with several books as refrence, colored fizzy soaps and very excited students we were able to make it happen.

I took a poll on how students thought colors where made and then we conducted an experiment. I used bath soap fizzies to create different colors. I just stopped at a local store and they had circle tablets that where red, yellow and blue. I also bought clear cups to mix them in. We filled the cup half full and then droped two colors in to see what they would make. We then read sveral books where the characters mixed colors, made rainbows and got into lots of trouble. I had some students create a color wheel using mice and I had others create a rainbow using flowers.

The students seemed to have a blast, the lesson took 3 40 min. periods and I was able to have around 80% of the students understand how to mix colors be the end of the experiment, readings and project. Now I am going to continue to review for the rest of the year and help those who may still be struggling. We used a mice coloring page to show who knows how to mix colors and who needs a little more instruction.

* I will post photos of the mice color wheel and final mouse quiz soon.


A few 6th graders came down to read to them as well. This is really increasing the students confidence, communication skills and relationships.

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