Easter Projects

Students will be creating several different Easter/Spring projects before they go on Spring Break. To add to their project the students will also be writing stories that contain a main character chick or bunny that has to solve a problem while on an adventure.

The following our the videos I made for the classes to watch prior to creating the projects. This is to help the students “begin with the end in mind”, meaning they can see all the steps and then create the project with one-on-one assistance and whole group instruction. After creating their grade level project the students will being their writing.

Bunny Head Band : Preschool, Kindergarten, MH class project


Pet Bunny: 1st grade project

pet bunny.png

Pet Chick: 2nd grade project

pet chick


Click here to see a short stop motion movie by Miss Maltsbargers class with their pet chicks

Mini Pom-Pom Pet Chick: 3rd grade project


Students will learn how to make their own pop-pom using yarn and a fork

They will then add the chicks eyes, beak and feet

Afterwards they will write a story about their pet chick and a few classes got the chance to create short stop motion videos with their chicks.

Oil Pastel Bunny: 4th grade and MH project 

oil pastel bunny.png

Create a bunny comic: 5th grade project

(Photos to come)

Students will draw and write out ideas on a story board

Then practice drawing out their characters in detail

Finally they will create a 6 or 7 panel comic strip with a bunny as the main character

To help them prepare we talk about comic strips layout, composition and flow

Beach Animation and Prayers for Paris: 6th grade project will be creating an short stop animation film. These are two examples I made to show them.

prayers for paris photo.png           beach animation.png

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