Happy Veterans Day!

This year my school really dove into Veterans Day. A students mother asked the question why dont we have an Celebration or Assembly for Veterans Day? Not knowing what to say we realized very quickly that we needed to fix this immediately. I’ve never seen a group of teacher spring into action so fast. The halls were covered, everyone was communicating and asking questions, not one person complained. I was blown away by the love. With 3 weeks to go we began our adventure and now I will share it with you. (I will post my lesson plans and tips on another post)

Photos of My School: These are the Hallways leading to the Gym and Pre-K thru 3rd did most of the decorations. I personally like the eagles and the different flags. These are works really popped and stood out on the walls.

Photos of My Classes

My Pre-Kl and Kindergarten students made the Ohio and Heart Flag Cards. The rest of the students helped with the coloring pages and wrote personal notes on the back to veterans. I am working on finding a few places to send them and express our thanks to them.

The students did it all on their own. They found the colors, torn the paper, measured the flag and glued it together. It was so much fun watching them figure out the measurements. Who says you cant use Math in Art!
The 3rd-6th grade students help make over a hundred of these for all of the staff in the building.

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