Future Technology Plans

My future plans for this blog are very broad. I hope to use it to communicate, advocate, inform, remind, inspire, and question my students, myself and my community. I also want to use this blog so that I can learn more about technology. To begin with I believe this will be more for me as a learning experience but I hope others will gain some knowledge or ideas from it while I learn.

My students are in elementary and I am not sure how much they will use this blog. I am hoping that their parents and the community will access it and keep up to date. Most likely I will use the blog to explain what events and ideas we are planning for my elementary art class. By the time the students are in 5th and 6th grade I hope they will be accessing it, possibly even using it to comment on artworks. It would be really fun to have them critique artworks on here so others could comment on their ideas as well. Students could even suggests art projects and events through the blog and we could easily vote on which they would prefer.

When reading an article on blogging it was mentioned that technology is becoming more and more important in education because of how important it is in the business world. As a student myself I was always told it was important if you wanted a good job but other than typing I never saw the advantage. Now as technology has grown you can see how much it has influenced the world. Technology is pressuring the school system to have students more prepared before they leave for the work force.

David Thornburg Ph.D made a great analogy by comparing the evolution of clocks to technology. From a clock tower to mantel clock then to a pocket watch and finally a wrist watch. Each time the clock got smaller, cheaper and more important to the public and how it functions. Computers have done the same with in our ever changing world. From a mainframe to personal computer then to a laptop and finally personal computer in your pocket. This progression shows how we come dependent on our upgrades and how we are constantly adding pressure to upgrade ourselves as well.

This pressure has created endless possibilities for application of technology. As a teacher though you must ensure that your students have an easy and safe way to access information and even participate in class outside of school. Living in Ohio the weather is very unpredictable I could even post my blizzard bags so that students could complete them on snow and fog days. I could even use the blog to help my students complete their art technology standards.

Based on the International Society for Technology  (ISTE) standards for teachers I believe this blog could help students become an empowered learner as well as a digital citizen. I would love to get my students to feel comfortable and demonstrate their technology knowledge with confidence and efficiency. With that comes the appropriate use of technology and the internet. My hopes are that the students will be able to participate and use technology to interact with others in a safe ethical manner.

As the teacher I should be able to create a safe and creative environment for the students to be able to explore and excel with in the technology world. This will also a great opportunity to participate in technology classes and seminars as well. To prepare for all of the possibilities it would be extremely beneficial to take a few courses on the how to and the pit falls of technology. This would also allow me to meet teacher standards with in the ISTE teacher standards model.


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2 thoughts on “Future Technology Plans

  1. I think it is great that you have begun to think about blogging on a broad scale because we all have to start somewhere. Like Richardson (2010) suggests the best thing to do is start small and as you become more comfortable you can expand on each new post. You mention not being sure how much your students will use blogging since they are in elementary. What are the grade levels you work with? The reason I ask is because you would be surprised at how much students can do with technology at such a young age. At my school the kindergarten students are using SeeSaw which is a type of digital portfolio where students can take pictures of their work and post or record comments about their learning. I also read a great article by Holly Marich (2016) that discusses a teacher’s journey through micro-blogging with her second grade class. So definitely get a feel for blogging yourself but do not be afraid to take a risk blogging with even the younger elementary school children because I know they always surprise me.
    I think it is wonderful you bring the arts to your students. Once you are ready to implement a classroom blog, one suggestion that your younger students could begin doing would be to post their artwork on the classroom page. I think they would be very proud to show off what they have accomplished. Richardson (2010) brings up the great point that blogs can be a history of all students work. I think it would be great for your students and parents to see how far they have come in their artwork from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. I hope these suggestions help in your future blogging endeavors.


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  2. As an Ohioan, I share your vision of using blogs to share blizzard bags with snowed-in students.

    If you recall, the winter of 2013-2014 was a series of snow days, at least here in northwest Ohio! Stuck at home, I began posting messages and Educreations videos to my class web site, just in case students were going there. I had not announced to my students that I would be doing it. It was a great experience for me to learn how to create videos and link vocabulary lists that I made on Quizlet.com.

    I thought that I would keep it up after school resumed, but the time commitment was impossible to meet. Now from what I’ve learned these last couple of weeks in this class, I believe I will be promoting student-created content on my class blog which will not demand much of my time, but will allow that school-home connection that is so valuable.


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